Digital Book Library, started in 2008, is aimed at making education accessible for the people with visual disabilities, dyslexia and verbal processing difficulties. Samarthanam is an active member of the Daisy Forum India (DFI) which is involved in the production of books and reading materials in accessible formats for persons with print disabilities. The prime focus of Digital Book Library is on providing practical support to school and college students, making course material and books available in formats supported by screen reader software (JAWS). Under the guidelines of DAISY, the books are scanned, edited, typed, recorded and edited by the team at Samarthanam ensuring optimum quality of work to guarantee easy access of content in audio mode to persons with disabilities.



Persons with disabilities produce their text books which need to be converted into a digital form, and volunteers help in converting these books. The final audio is transferred onto a CD which the students can utilize according to their convenience.


The librar currently have around 1000 Audio Books in Hindi and English, 1500 Braille Books and magazines, 5000+ Inks Books, 500PDF and 250 Scanned books.


Currently there are six Digital Book Libraries established by Samarthanam Trust across 5 cities in India.


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