Prabhavathi stands to be an ideal example for women combating distress and trauma. She had joined Samarthanam in the month of June 2015, through Sweekar Kendra, Women and Child Welfare Department, Karnataka. Before joining Samarthanam, Prabhavathi witnessed harassment from family members, including her parents, sister and brother-in-law. It was disgraceful when her parents and sister had asked her to bear a child with her brother-in-law before getting married. As the problems begun to rise, Prabhavathi could not tolerate the harassment anymore and separated from her family. Later she took up a job as a lecturer in Hoskote Government College. It took a lot of counseling, training and making her understand with other live examples of women, to bring her back onto the learning track. Since her hands were weak Prabhavathi learned to write using her mouth. She mastered this ability and based on her keen interest in Computers, she was trained in DAISY, which is used by people with disabilities. Currently Prabhavathi is a trainee employee at Samarthanam’s DAISY Centre located in JP Nagar. She has completely left behind her traumatic history and today serves as an inspirational example to everyone.

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